May 2017 Update

Here’s the latest from Protect Volunteer Park!

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Environmental Review and Our Appeal

Seattle Dept. of Construction and Inspections (DCI) completed its Environmental Review and found that “potential significant adverse impacts have been identified” on the landmarked features of the park. Nonetheless, DCI did not require an Environmental Impact Statement, and instead released a Declaration of Nonsignificance (DNS).

We believe this decision is based on faulty legal reasoning. Therefore, Protect Volunteer Park has filed an appeal with DCI, assisted by the leading environmental attorney David Bricklin. To learn more about PVP’s legal action, see: Legal Action to Protect Volunteer Park.

Our hearing is scheduled for June 7, but there will not be any opportunity for public comment, so don’t come out unless you really like this kind of thing.

So We Have Legal Bills Now

If you can, please donate to help fund legal action to protect Volunteer Park! We have been consulting with our attorney for several months, with the bills covered by our core team. Now that we are involved in actual legal proceedings, the legal expenses have grown and your help would be much appreciated.

Our legal page tells how you can donate: Legal Action to Protect Volunteer Park

Next Steps

The City of Seattle and Seattle Art Museum are still trying to move this project forward with all its adverse impacts on the naturalistic landscape of Volunteer Park.

There are still some hurdles:

Landmarks Preservation Board (LPB) approval is required. A few LPB members have expressed resistance, but the majority appear likely to vote to approve the project.

City Council approval is required, both because the project violates the zoning and would require a code change, and because the Council must approve spending $19 million of City funds.

We have updated the Action Center to feature the most important officials to contact, so please click that link to send a message.

We are also watching the public meeting agendas and will send action alerts when a relevant event is coming up, so please follow our Facebook (protectvolunteerpark) and Twitter (@PVPseattle). It’s fun to come out and give a 2 minute comment. Maybe we have a strange idea of fun, but there it is.

Public Benefits and Costs at Asian Art Museum

Did you know that the museum in Volunteer Park originally had free admission, four days per week? What happened to that, anyway? See our new article, Public Benefits Cut, Public Spending Maintained.

Connecting with Other Seattle Parks Issues

There are other parks where the City administration wants to give up park land to construct facilities for the benefit of a private operator. We open space advocates can benefit from getting to know each other, and each other’s issues. And maybe you’ve heard something about the “privatization” debate at the Green Lake pool? See Privatization in Seattle’s Other Parks to learn more.

Thank You

Thank you for reading our update and caring about Volunteer Park. We appreciate your advocacy and support.

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