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Updated: to reflect that the latest architectural drawings (presented on September 10) no longer show the circled tree removed.

Welcome! The photo above shows why this blog exists. This landscape is the east side of Volunteer Park. Notice the tree circled in yellow. This and other Some trees are planned to be removed and replaced with this:


I don’t remember anyone asking the community if we are willing to give up part of Volunteer Park for this purpose. In fact, the whole expansion plan has been handled quietly and was little known before August 24, when some of the park’s neighbors acquired a document recently presented to the Landmarks Preservation Board, from which the above image is taken.

This blog is intended to help inform the public and add to a constructive conversation around this issue. But it also has an advocacy purpose, as a home for those of us who think the answer to the unasked question should be: No, we are not willing to have part of Volunteer Park converted to this purpose.

More information and advocacy are to come! Please feel free to comment. If you would like to author a post on the blog, please email me, Jonathan Mark, at And whatever your position about this issue, thank you for being here and caring about the park and the community.