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It’s now easy to send messages to protect Volunteer Park:

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Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board has been receiving briefings from the project advocates, but not from any advocates of protecting Volunteer Park as a historic landmark:

Mayor Murray needs to hear from you. He added $5 million for the museum expansion to his budget, without public discussion. The City is being opaque about how this decision was made. Ask the mayor to reconsider. Ed Murray’s email address does not accept public

  • Ed Murray, Mayor. Note: Ed Murray’s city email address does not accept public comments. The link leads to a web form where you can click “Contact the Mayor’s Office” and write a brief comment in your own words.

The City Council will have a key role in determining whether the museum expansion goes forward. The project would need a change to the single-family zoning, which the Council must approve. Ask them to protect Volunteer Park instead. The first two members are the most important:

Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation staff: No one at Parks has yet acknowledged that this project has not complied with Parks’ Public Involvement Policy. The leadership needs to hear from as many citizens as possible:

Thank you, on behalf of Volunteer Park.