City Documents About the Project

You can learn about this project directly from the documents filed with the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspection. Visit this DCI web site and enter Master Use Project (MUP) # 3024753.

Here are copies of some of these documents for your convenience. These are all in PDF format.

Letters from Organizations
Weiss: National Association of Olmsted Parks
Mitton: Friends of Seattle’s Olmsted Parks

Zoning Changes – see About the Proposed Zoning Changes
Other – Code Amendment Request: We believe this is obsolete, not part of the current proposal.
Other – Draft Ordinance: Modifies zoning code to create a specific exception for the Asian Art Museum.

Details about the Project
Annotated SEPA Checklist (updated 2017-03-16): Overview of the project’s environmental impact.

Analysis by Project Proponents
Traffic Study V4 (updated 2017-02-24).
Arborist Report